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The Best Small Business Holiday Checklist

Offer Valid: 11/06/2023 - 11/06/2025

Now that the holiday season is upon us, there are many things for small business owners to consider. It doesn’t matter how busy you are or how many resources you have; you still need a good plan to make the most of the season. You’ll need to do everything possible to ensure that your business stands out among your competitors. This may involve putting decorations on your storefront, preparing for the holiday rush, and doing everything you can to market your brand by creating holiday-themed promotions. This article provides an in-depth small business checklist to enable you to get ready for the festive season.

Focus on Marketing 

Small business owners can effectively market their businesses during the holidays by considering various strategies. They can hire professionals like graphic designers to create festive visuals and logos, along with web designers to enhance their website's holiday-themed appearance. Collaborating with these experts is essential when discussing design ideas, and converting a PDF to a JPG file may be necessary for easy sharing or printing of web images. Using a PDF-to-JPG converter ensures that image quality is preserved, helping to maintain a professional and visually appealing holiday marketing campaign. You can use this tool to change PDF to JPG format so you can come up with images you and the pros you hire are both excited about.

Other marketing channels you should focus on include:

Email Marketing: People receive emails every day from various stores they’ve registered with, and later on, the emails are sent to the trash. So during this festive season, you must generate an email that will stand out. Think about something that would compel you to open an email and read it. 


Social Media: You can make good use of social media platforms for holiday posts to attract more likes and shares. You may opt for blog or infographic posts you have generated related to holidays and share them on your different social media pages linking to your site to boost traffic. 

Factor in Last-Minute Shoppers

What you may not have known is that last-minute holiday shoppers make up a considerable amount of holiday sales. That means it’s not too late for you to start promoting brands, sales, and specials after Cyber Monday and Black Friday have passed.

Provide special incentives, like expedited shipping or additional discounts, on a particular day apart from Cyber Monday or Black Friday. It is also recommended that you update your company hours for the holiday season and share these updates on your social media platforms. It’s important to remain clear and concise in all of your communications with both vendors and customers.


It’s important to maximize the holiday season and its benefits to your business, especially if you are running a start-up. Create a business plan solely for the holiday season, adapt your business’s look to the respective holiday, and create a marketing plan that will work. With a little extra effort at this exciting time of year, you can see huge returns on your time and money investments.

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